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Pedal Tractor and Sled Builders

Many if not most are old addresses and the phone numbers were good once.

Those who's equipment we have used or are using -- Yes the builders of the best Tractors and sleds in the business. Built to last and take the punishment. They don't twist with real weight. And Stretched to beat the band, These are the boys to fix you up. Give them a call.

Our builders-the best at what they do, remember they built the nationally recognized equipment we used successfully in 2008, 2009,  & 2010:----------------------

Willard Hoskin, eastern Iowa:        319-293-3550


affordable equipment-the best sled for the money- great starter sled that will last-tough tractors

John Vossler, southern Nebraska: 402-656-3660         Little Tuggers Pedal Pulls

Tractors and sleds- tractors built with quality and care.      Go to Little Tuggers facebook page

You see John and Willard equipment on every page, only the pink tractor is built by others. You can not deal with better builders, yet more important better people. We are one of the best because we had great support from these two guys.


Our newest contributor:

Merrill's,   24880 Six Points Road,   Sheridan  Indiana  46069,

Home 317-758-4321,  Cell  317-371-5624         tractors and sleds


Come see the newest Merrill creation as an Allis orange tractor joins the lineup.

 We want to thank the Merrill's for the opportunity to try out their first creation

a Pink International 660 - built for 6-9 year olds.

News Flash: dateline current:       Holy Cow folks you got their phone going, better get your order in soon. Remember Tractors and now Sleds are on the drawing board. Looks like we will have some thing from these boys with us into the foreseeable future.

These folks are pullers too so get your Indiana and Illinois pulls scheduled soon.

Holy cow the "Pretty Pink Tractor" Known through out the world and a fan favorite in Silver Dollar City and Beyond. Check out a cute video of a Song with the same name some time.


The world's first pink tractor in a pull line up, while other laughed we honored and asked folks to consider the plight of women dealing with the horrors of cancer. This tractor has become a world wide symbol.



Those that we know of -- or asked to be listed --


Brent Fagerlin out of Hillsdale WI, Phone # 715-357-6298

quality tractors                           email:   


Don Oechsle 119 Downtown Plaza, Fairmont MN  56031  507-235-5026

aluminum sleds


Schmalstieg Pedal Tractor Pulls                          

David Schmalstieg II                                               Phone: 913-796-6082

tractors and sleds



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