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Rules for a Sanctioned Pedal Tractor Pull

1.      The Event will be for ages 4-12 years old.

 There will be 9 divisions by age (mixing or not) boys and girls. It is incredibly important that you run the pull in the same way the state and National are run. It is unfair to kids to do other wise.

**There should never be a use of the child's weight to make classes. This unethical and unfair. This is usually a sign of inferior equipment. This has no similarity to further competition at the State or National level. Please think of the children first.

2.      Children 3 years old may participate before the 4 year old competition, but will not be eligible for awards or sanctions. 12 year old competitors on the day of the pull may participate, but if 13 on or before the National Pedal Pull, the last Saturday in September, are ineligible for State. Not all sponsors allow time for 2 and 3 year olds please be patient with us it may not be our choice. Remember the event is 4-12 year olds.

3.      Competitors will enter the division they are the day of the pedal pull, including State and National. State and National will require a hard copy proof of age and proper sanctioning paper work from lower meets.

4.      Each participant must register prior to the starting of their age group and have a parent or guardian's signature on the registration forms.

5.      Rules of Conduct by Participants:


First thought Both hands on the wheel and both feet on the pedals.

A.     The child may not place their hand on the tractor tire at any time during their pull to help increase their pulling distance.

B.     The child may not place one or both feet on the ground to push the tractor forward.

C.     There can be no loss of forward pressure. In other words they cannot hesitate or absolutely never jerk the equipment. Jerking can be grounds for a DQ.


The tractor if built right will not let its front come off the ground, but great pullers will from time to time cause a lift by shear strength. We will not punish someone on our equipment for lifting the front, because only a great puller could do it to start with, poor equipment will lift and it is not the kid's fault, unless deliberate. Quality equipment is heavy enough in front and has protection on the back so rearing is going to be minimal.

D.     The child will remain in the seat at all times. If a contestant lifts off (losing contact with any part of or sliding over the back of) the seat the pull will be stopped and their distance will be measured to that point. The classic is standing to pedal like a bike while not touching the seat.**


E.      All participants must be wearing shoes, no bare feet. (We would suggest tie or Velcro shoes that cover the foot and give traction on the pedal.)

6.      Any arguing with the track officials by a contestant, parent, or guardian will not be allowed and could result in disqualification of the contestant. If you have a disagreement please talk to us after the pull in private. We will display sportsmanship in all cases and should that not be possible the offender will be asked to leave. No one is perfect, but we will handle things in the proper way.

7.      All rulings by track officials are final and may supersede any of the above rules. In the case of need a sled may be re-weighted and the group may start over. If for any reason the tractor or sled malfunction causing a error in the results there may be a rerun. If a tractor breaks in the middle of a division we will most likely restart the division with the replacement tractor.

8.      Sanctioning: We as pullers are sanctioned in Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota. 1st place and 2nd place boy and girl in each age group will qualify for state regardless of overall finish. In some States it will include the 3rd place boy and girl as well.

9.   Two items of note the sled will be given a tug to get the pedals moving and there for there is no reason to set pedals any more. Second the seat is set once for the whole age group - Never per individual.


** This seat issue was a question to us as Kayla seemed to get nipped by kids sliding up the back of the seat. Then last year the national advised us it was permissible to slide without losing contact with the seat. So the height of the seat is the limit to that slide. They can not sit on top of high seat or slide over the top. We were also told the same at International when asked.

Will want to make sure how your puller rules this, for instance International. Because some times things change.



Essex Labor Day weekend Celebration

Starting Friday Evening and running

through Labor Day. Don't miss

the excitement in Essex IA




 Atchison County Fair in Rock Port MO

Qualify for the current year and then

drop in at the Old Fashion Saturday Night

Later in the year for qualifying for the next year.

Thank you Fair Board for caring about the children

of Atchison County. 



Old Fashion Saturday Night 

A big shout out to Rock Port Missouri
our first Missouri Pull.

Thank all the businesses for bringing in

Quality Family entertainment.
Take an extra moment to thank:
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