MYERS Pedal Tractor Pulls, LLC

  Simply the best small in size, big in heart, family of pullers. home of National Champion Kayla Myers 

Contacting Us

You say you want to talk to or email us:

by using copy and paste with our email address

Some times this link ask you to sign in. Please copy and paste the one above into your email.

we have been having some problems getting email otherwise

sorry for the hassle.

Or call and leave a message at:


We work most of the year so leave a message. This is why emails are so popular for those trying to catch us.

If you are interested in a pull start off with an email to get an idea of date availability and general cost confirmation. Then we will need to answer most of the questions below.

Please don't worry if the date appears to have something listed ask we often do more than one in a day or can work with you to get it covered.


***First questions to answer are

what day, time of day, and

where, which town, is it located.

We can start with this.***

Let us know your day right away to see if we can put you on the list for that date or if it is open. This get you in the mix and then we see what time can work for both of us. 


We like to be very organized so we ask more questions than most: 

Please answer these questions at some point:

1. Your complete name, organization, and address.

2. Location for pull including town and site (like street address or area).

3. Of course the date you are choosing and time, indicate any flexibility.

4. Let us know if we can simply reply to answer your inquiry and the email address.

Items that can be answered later:

5. Contact individual including their phone, and cell phone for the day of the event.

6. Please include address to send contract to if event is agreed to.
To get an idea of cost figure $400 base and $2 a mile one way. When a contract is agreed to a $200 retainer will hold the date and the remaining fees are paid when arriving on site.

Remember we do all 9 age groups 4-12, that is more work and costs. We do in Iowa double sanctioning, for 2 boys and 2 girls rather than just 1st and 2nd, which cost more money. We also have participation ribbons for all pullers, and again more money. We just give you a lot more for the money.
After receiving your information we will figure the estimate of cost and reply to you. We cannot hold the date until arrangement is confirmed and contract is ready to process.

A picture from our first pedal pull - my how we have upgraded. 

Yes just email and ask a question. Question any date and any type of quote.
If we can't help you we will set you up with another puller.