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  Simply the best small in size, big in heart, family of pullers. home of National Champion Kayla Myers 

Other sites of interest - why all the links to other pullers? Because we can't cover everybody and we do hate to disappoint.. Respect thy neighbor and show character. On this page you will find #1 people with quality equipment; #2 Solid professionals; and #3 One or two will be among the largest groups in the country. Use the folks in your area. Mileage will help their cost be lower. Of Course, if that is not possible check with one of us to see if we can help you out. Thanks

Individual Professional sites:

You may compare and decide on the

pullers available in your area.


Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska; and other states as needed site: 

Myers Pedal Tractor Pulls:


Tractor and Sled builders:

Willard Hoskin, eastern Iowa: 319-293-3550   Hawkeye Pedal Pulls

John Vossler, southern Nebraska: 402-656-3660   Little Tuggers Pedal Pull



The True One and Only National Pedal Pull Association




North Dakota:

Milan Drewlow 218-643-2813

South Dakota:

Chad Stevicks  605-775-2551       
Mark Leisinger  605-483-3209

Eastern  and Southeastern Iowa site & builder, Home of the International Pedal Pull Gala, Fairfield IA:

Hawkeye Pedal Pull:

Kansas Puller and Tractor/Sled builder:



State and National Sites:      

Missouri Pedal Pulls:


Nebraska Pedal Pulls:


Iowa State Pedal Pull Association:


South Dakota Association:


Minnesota Association:

Minn. Pullers: d&s pulls and Kid Power Pedal Tractor Pulls

T and T Pullers:

Wisconsin/Minnesota Puller:


Illinois and Indiana Facebook Pages:


Illinois: Tot Rods Pedal Pull    


Play-N-Hooky pedal pull: website:

 Michigan Pedal Pullers: 

 These guys are interested in pulls in Michigan and in the Northeast Region


 Michigan Pedal Pullers


Virginia pedal pulling:

Southside Virginia pedal pulling


Shows and Festival listings: A little on the new side, but growing.