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What is being on every body's lips for the next year worth?

 We are a self contained event, with everything you need for a successful event. We will pull up with a 6X12 enclosed trailer and drop the tailgate to show 5-6-7 tractors, 1-2 sleds, a huge PA speaker that makes sure folks can hear what is going on and your sponsorship, tables and chairs for registration, Sanctioning for state qualification, participation ribbons for every child, all needed paperwork, and 3-6 family members to run tables, charts, and organize your event. We need a couple of helpers to work with the sled and one more optional to hand out the awards you choose. Other than that you need to be ready to take the credit for bringing something special in for your children.

Everyone about the same RIGHT ?? 

We believe we do things that make us special, but in the State of Iowa it is like night and day with what we do. Please do me a favor if you are a sponsor in Iowa. Ask your puller to give you double sanction (two boys and two girls qualify) and that they pull 12 year olds. All this at no extra cost, because this is 60 or more dollars of cost we cover at no difference in charge. A ninth more pulling, awards, twice as many qualifiers at no extra charge, and lastly every child gets a participation ribbon on us. If they do at our price or less sign them up. We do it for the kids, all kids and young families. And if their price is lower make sure they promise it for multiple years and not just one.

 Call or email now to get the best pedal pull family entertainment for your event.

"You can bring one of the best in the nation for your youngsters and young at heart, and if it is on a weekday in June or July it is a steal for the price, check it out. We grabbed a date when we got the chance." 'Southwest Iowa' Fair, "now we pull 100 plus kids, and their families at 100+ degrees, on a weekday afternoon."

 At the point you are ready to confirm the date we will send you a contract. Then you sign and return with the date retainer of $200 or more depending on the items that need gathered prior to the event. At that point we are locked in for your date. The remainder of the fees are expected on arrival at the site the day of the pull. We usually have sponsors give Willo the check at the table while we set up.

Normal Confirmation/Contract time is January 1 to February 28th. After February 28th past pulls are not guaranteed their date and time if interest exist. Regulars please do not assume the date will be there later.


Okay now lets get more specific on things you provide:

 1. 60-70 feet of hard surface such as cement or asphalt outside, those and polished cement or carpet indoor.

 2.  Two mature individuals to help bring the tractor and sled back to start each time. WE ARE SORRY THIS MUST BE MANDATORY!! I have a pinched nerve in my back (and don't have time for the surgery if we want to take care of the kids) that means I can't do as much of the lifting any more and the rest of the crew are girls and we do a lot of pulls a year.

 3.  An alternate site in case of rain, such as, fire hall, warehouse, machine shed, tent, or other shelter house with needed length. Once on site we do not have rain outs, nor do we pull in a rain storm. (We have not had one of these in our previous years)

 4.  We need an electrical outlet with in 100 feet or so to run our PA system.

 5.  A sponsor representative, Queen, Princess, etc. to pass out Participation ribbons and the chosen awards, if possible, optional.

 6.  An adequate time slot allowing 1/2 hour for set up registration, a hour to hour and a half for pulling and time to pack up. Also in picking a place make a choice we can pull into just before and out of just after.


Okay what do we bring:

 1. 6-7 tractors specially built to state and national standards to take the pounding, 1-2 sleds built to test and prepare the youngster for national competition.  All required paperwork for qualification of the most children available in the states we serve. Participation ribbons for all children. 9 age classes in all our pulls, 4-12, that includes the 12 year olds not done by other Iowa groups. You call us our plan is for you to get a number one set of equipment.

We can and often do some exhibition teen pulling after as people want to see our girls pull. We can set up Adult Pull for a fee or let the adults try it for $5 each. Usually to see if you want to invest in making it a regular part of the event.

 2. Just when you think what else is there - we bring a big PA system - not little speakers on the trailer but a professional 14+" powered speaker for great sound.

 3. Best of all we bring the ladies of Myers Pedal Tractor Pulls to run your tables, chart the pull, take pictures of winners, covering everything behind the scene. All results will be put on our website along with the pictures.

 4. We are ready for any indoor polished cement or carpeted surface. This is the same type of indoor pulls we do for Kidsfest in March in Des Moines (over 1000 children for charity), The National Farm Toy Show in Dyersville IA, The Missouri State Fair in Sedalia MO, and the Missouri State Pedal Pull in Columbia MO. Also the Carpets of the National in 2009, the Corn Palace in Mitchell SD. Kidsfest and The National Farm Toy Show are not typical pedal pulls and require some creativity and showmanship beyond that normally seen at pulls.


 Okay the dollars and "sense":

 Common Sense that is.

A. We need to say there are different ways of pulling. The most common is the regular pedal pull which is a competitive age group pull that all pullers do in degrees.

B. Second there is open pulling done for a time slot in which pulling is not competitive and is one pull/ride at a time. This is a different rate than regular pulling because it is very labor intensive and will usually rule out being able to do another pull that day.

C. Third is to have open pulling over a period of time then finish with a sanctioned competitive pull.

D. Custom Pulling to fit the venue similar to Kidsfest, as an example.


Our normal summer season runs Memorial Day weekend through Nationals at the end of September. Our weekday schedule is normally June and July. We do have pulls out of summer season at the varying styles mentioned.



June 1st to September 15th                       These are "A" type pulls

Base:               $400                          $2.00 per mile one way* Plus rooms if needed

If we need to have a room to make it work we will add $100 to $150 for the over night.

October 1st to May 15th: (School year and weather travel concerns)

These are by quote because of weather and other special conditions.

 Awards are something we can arrange for you or you may provide them. We do believe there should be awards for the kids and last year we had sponsors give ribbons, trophies, medals, and t-shirts. We normally provide a first place trophy, second and third medallions as our basic awards for the 9 divisions at $125*. *This is going to be subject to cost adjustments because of our move.

 We do sell sponsorship on the sleds, the trailer and website. 

 Okay now you have the read this far so it is time to become that hero we talked about. To bring, perhaps, the nation's most complete pedal pull to your community you simply need to email: [email protected] or call 712-624-8158 to get further information. The email is usually the best starting point. Please let us know the date and time you think, and contact information.

We believe it ain't bragging when its a fact.

Thank you for considering MYERS PEDAL TRACTOR PULLS.

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