MYERS Pedal Tractor Pulls, LLC

  Simply the best small in size, big in heart, family of pullers. home of National Champion Kayla Myers 

Our Home Area/National

Myers Pedal Tractor Pulls is now a Midwest Regional business

We are a Nationally and Internationally recognized website in Pedal Tractor Pulling
Everyone that knows us for since the start know how we took an area no one would waste their time on because they couldn't charge big dollars and they did not want to take the time to grow. We said we would have a goal to take care of everyone south of I-80, west of Hiway 65, North of 36, and east of hiway 50. That is Southwest Iowa and Northwest Missouri mainly, with a slice of Nebraska. Needless to say we have gotten a lot bigger in our area, yet the original is our home area. there is a special bond in this area, and now we see others trying to come in to this "no puller land". Remember we were there when no one else would even try. 

Yes we are in Malvern Iowa and the local businesses are excited to work with us.

 Our Home Area:

Look at a map that shows the Southeast corner of South Dakota, All of Eastern Nebraska, All of Western Iowa, and Missouri from Kansas City to Columbia and that is our regular area. Another way to think of it is I-29 from KC MO to Sioux Falls SD, I-80 from Grand Island NE to Illinois, and I-70 from KC MO to Columbia MO. In Particular Southwest Iowa and Northwest Missouri. 

Couple of more questions on traveling up to hiway 20 some and it is no problem. Used to live on that hiway so a little like going home. For those asking for us to do more, its in your court pick the right days.

Honestly it is matter of mileage and dates, let us know your needs.

This location makes travel much easier with the intersection of I-80 and I-29 just minutes away. We have never been shy to travel and now we expect to help communities from Sioux Falls to Columbia MO along I-29 and I-70. And then east and west along I-80. Yes South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri, and we are still providing our services to southwest Iowa and northwest Missouri.

We are excited by our greater available days in the summer and the areas in Northeast Nebraska, Western Iowa and Southeast South Dakota we now can get to.

If you want a convention center, RV Show, or any kind of large event pulling we have proved we have more ways to attack the needs you have. At Kidsfest we changed from a normal competitive pull format to much more open pulling and are pushing nearly 1000 children through at their event. All this on indoor polished floors with out carpet or special decking. We specialize in bumping back the envelope and appreciate the interest it has brought from venues such as 6 Flags over Texas, Branson, Silver Dollar City, Houston Events, as well as some over the border in multiple directions. One of these days the calendar and the opportunity will put us in one of these locations and it is going to to be exciting for all of our sport. We would have been at Six Flags this fall, but for some pulls we refused to dump and my teaching, they wanted an extended stay over 3 weekends. What a blast that would have been.

As a couple of potential sponsors said "you have proved your new methods in a larger settings, and have truly brought the words varied venue to the sport of Pedal Pulling".

There are pullers available that are good at 3-7 pulls in a day, with many sets of equipment. We are feature pullers keeping our group together, with more services at every pull, not volume pullers (because of health and the girls schedule), and enjoy the State Fairs, Kidsfest, convention centers, etc. There is nothing wrong with splitting, but we don't want to and believe our family is better served this way for now.

Examples of our travels: Harrisburg SD (edge of Sioux Falls SD); Albany Illinois; Rock Valley and Boyden IA; Council Bluffs IA; Des Moines IA; Dyersville IA; St. Joseph MO; Grand Island NE; Columbia MO; Mott ND; Albany IL; and Sedalia MO..

The Missouri State Fair Pedal Pull, Missouri State Pedal Pull, Nebraska State Pedal Pull, Nebraska State Fair, Des Moines IA Kidsfest, National Farm Toy Show.

We started on our first day saying character and strengthening families through what is best in children was our goal and reason for existing.

We will travel to anyone's event if the date is open and you understand the mileage fee or in the longer ones fees for a overnight stay. Go to and figure mileage roughly by putting in your town and state, then put in Malvern Iowa. 


A few years back we did a pull in Mott ND (by the way great area to visit) and a pull in Illinois in the same year. Mott ND is 700+ miles and we brought awards and did an adult pull. Throw in room and board for a couple of days and this is about $1800. They were very happy and we would love to fit in a trip that way again. Like they said that was not a bad price to have a special event.