MYERS Pedal Tractor Pulls, LLC

  Simply the best small in size, big in heart, family of pullers. home of National Champion Kayla Myers 


We are interested in having your testimonials listed on our website. We get so many great comments and wanted to have a space for our guest could comment with out the spam that our unprotected Guestbook was getting. Please feel free to add your thoughts. Thank you

Quotes Have a great holiday season. Even now our minds wonder to the joy of the summer pedal pulls. Our council wishes the Myers family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years that continue to include our community and the wonderful pedal pull events. May God Bless and know how much we appreciate what you do for children. Quotes
Grateful community and families

Quotes Thank you for not selling and continuing to be a leader in our state and the nation. Every where we travel we hear the blessing your family is. God Bless the Myers. Quotes
Missouri Parents

Quotes We did some traveling this summer and we have got to say folks in Southwest Iowa and Missouri have no idea how great we have it. The three groups we saw were ok, but definitely not at the level of our own Myers group. I don't know what they get paid, but I know they do a lot more that the other groups for kids and families. The others said no 12s believe that. The Myers flat give you a bunch more for the fee. I just thought we should say something. Quotes

Quotes Wonderful State Pedal Pull, again. You are doing it. The State is growing and the young guys are super. Nobody I have ever seen works as hard at being there for kids. There are no words left to describe how good you guys are. I know it isn't easy with other burdens to carry. We pray for your family and that maybe the lottery could go where it would used for good and for kids. May God Bless the Myers Family. Quotes

Quotes We had an awesome time once again. Thank you so much for doing these for the kids. (Missouri State Pedal Pull) Quotes

Quotes You guys are the best, as always. Great pulls every time out folks traveling in to see the legends. We are hoping for more of the Myers magic in the center of the Iowa/Missouri pedal pull area. If we pay someone $800-900 then we ought to pay you guys $1200+ for what you bring. I wish we could clone you guys. Jamesport was impressive and the numbers in the (what others called) no pro pedal pullers land. I am still bothered by the buzzards swooping in, when no body wanted them before you got here. Oh well see you in Sedalia. Quotes

Quotes I watched you again work with special needs children and children over all. You give them a great experience while maintaining a honesty to the pull. You are never frustrated or act like why do you bring them. Most times if you were not paying close attention people would never know. Now that is caring and professional. Quotes
Special Note from a mom

Quotes I can speak for three of the adults and four kid pullers. We had a great time. Albany Pedal Pull Quotes

Quotes Thank you making our Jacob (who has a sensory disorder) feel special at the pedal pull. We are just thrilled that he will even try and the doctors encourage us to treat him like any other kid. He felt as important as his brothers who all placed. Thank you for making it fun for all the kids no matter what their abilities are. Quotes
Curt and Cindy

Quotes everyone associated with Myers Pedal Tractor Pulls! Your encouragement towards (not only just Alexis) every child that participates in your Pulls is greatly appreciated. You have made her final year of sanctioned pedal pulls memorable in so many ways. Quotes
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