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  Simply the best small in size, big in heart, family of pullers. home of National Champion Kayla Myers 

2012 Planning Board for Sanctioned Schedule

 This schedule reflects asked for events and projected dates. Confirmed will be in bold print. Classic Pulls and over 100 kids = C

Thanks for checking out schedule and we hope you can make to many of our pulls - on the other hand why not have us come to your community events. We bring it all, as much or more than any group and when you consider the entertainment value we are the most bang for your buck.

 Now that we are in the neighborhood we need pulls in Red Oak, Shenandoah, Sidney, Tabor, and many more in Southwest Iowa as a whole. You have a small celebration we will work with you during our open dates and if they fit put more than one on our one pull dates. Missouri we should be in Maryville, Tarkio, Fairfax, Mound City, Oregon, and many of the other communities. Nebraska we are a hop, skip and jump to many locations in and around the metro and have the interstate to help us get to others. Give us a call or email.

September and beyond are going to be needed for our girls activities so it will be difficult to schedule in the later fall unless one of our neighboring communities.

Winter Schedule 


2-4                Kidsfest       C          Varied Industries Building, State Fair Grounds, Des Moines IA

Friday night 6-9PM, Saturday 9-6PM, and Sunday 10-4PM, updated schedule for Kidsfest listed on Kidsfest information page. More open pulling time and practice warmup time for the sanctioned pulling. Gate fee and $1 for children to pull, and $5 for adults all for charity "Children and Families of Iowa". Pictures and info on our facebook page - link on Kidsfest information page.


Summer Schedule 

Date                    Event and city                                                   Registration     Pull Start


2                    Frontier Holidays, Albany MO c*                         Noon             12:30 PM       Results

   Albany Chamber of Commerce - join us to celebrate the return of this celebration after a year.

16                     Good Eggs Days, Stuart IA c*                         3:30PM              4:00PM      Results

                        Stuart Chamber of Commerce

18            Girls Basketball Camp at Iowa Western through Friday - not open

23                     Bordertown Day, Lineville IA/MO c*            3:00PM               3:30PM       Results

                        Sanctioned for both IA and MO, Thanks to the Bordertown Committee

27             Girls Elite Throwers camp at Concordia University - not open




Date                    Event and city                                                   Registration     Pull Start       


4                   Freedom Day, Brownville NE c*                       Noon or before    12:15PM  Results

 Brownville Historical Society, Visit this historic town and one time territorial capital of Nebraska Territory

4                   New Market IA c*                    C                            2:45PM                  3:00PM   Results

                     Page County State Bank, T-Shirts have been past awards

                  Lions 4th, Clearfield IA c*         C                       After Parade      Approx. 7PM  Results

                     Clearfield Lions Club, the largest Lions in Iowa, Great Fireworks following pull


6              Girls Basketball Camp at Southwest Iowa CC - not open

7                    Osceola 4th, Osceola IA c*                  2:30PM          3:00PM   Results

                      Osceola 4th of July Committee

7                    Malvern 4th of July, Malvern IA*  NEW  6:15PM         6:30PM     Results

                      Home sweet Home, State Qualifying Pulling and Family fun. Rain date Sunday






13              Ringgold Co. Fair, Mr. Ayr IA c*         C                 1:30PM         2:00PM    Results

                      Super little pull on turf. Sponsored by the Ringgold Co. Fair Board.

14              SummerFest, Hull IA c*    NEW                         9:30AM        10:00AM   Results

                        Hull Chamber of Commerce       Sioux County Circuit

15   NO PULL - decatur moved to 22nd.

16-19          Girls Volleyball and Basketball at Iowa Western


20                  NEMO Fair, Kirksville MO c*      NEW       2:30PM             3:00PM        Results

           Anyone interested in becoming a sanctioned puller in this area meet with me here.

21                  Boyden Bash, Boyden IA c*                      9:30AM            10:00AM      Results

                      Boyden Community Club, assorted sponsors    Sioux County Circuit

22 date change    Decatur County Fair, Leon IA c*                          5:30PM          6:00PM Results
There is your adult pull after the kids. Sponsored by the Lamoni FFA - there is a small entry fee for adults


24                   Union County Fair, Afton IA c*         C                  12:30PM           1:00PM  Results

                      Union County Fair Board, with the help of the Creston FFA


29                     Westfair, Council Bluffs IA c*      C                12:30PM     1:00PM       Results

     Adults at 3PM, The best adult pull of the year with Trophies for 1st & 2nd, the best are here.

    We have an undefeated ladies champion, she has been at this for well over a decade, new young competition for her this year as the youngsters move from from regular to adult. A good many people are hoping for a chance to see Kayla in this women's field for the first time, we will see.

We have been on a remarkable run of great pulls this season. Let see it continue.

     Sponsored by T&S Savings Bank, Huge pull in every sense, think you got it bring your game


 30                    Washington County Fair, Arlington NE c* C  NEW   6:15PM       7:00PM   Results

 If you haven't been able to get to one of our indoor pulls stop in as this one is in the air conditioning

 We get a lot of interest in Northeast Nebraska so we have a pull now in that direction - come take a look and see if we are something you are interested in. 


Up to date information available on FACEBOOK

Date                    Event and city                                                   Registration     Pull Start


3                    Panarama Days, Panora IA c*                             6:00PM           6:30PM   Results

4                    Atchison County Fair, Rock Port MO c* NEW   1:30PM            2:00PM    Results


11                  Rally in the Valley, Rock Valley IA c*  C      After the Parade    2:30PM    Results

Sioux County Circuit ( Iowa's Biggest Pull)  Catholic Church front

Once again the biggest pedal pull in Iowa for 2012.

Only the State Pedal Pull had more pullers, this was our biggest by a few.

we had the 6-8 (over 100) biggest in Iowa this year.

There is great pulling and competition in this two division pull.

A true Iowa Classic Pull.

                      chamber of commerce Boy and Girls Separate pulling and awards

                  12             International Pedal Pull, Fairfield IA (invitation only, Hawkeye Pedal Pull)

 **International has a varying time slot and is set by Hawkeye Pedal Pull @****


19  Missouri State Fair (Last Chance Pull), Sedalia MO     10:00AM     11:00AM

19   Missouri State Pedal Pull, following Last Chance Pull  12Noon    1:00PM

 Last Chance is for kids that have not already qualified or because of the change have not qualified - no previously qualified pullers allowed. No Awards, just participation and qualifying. (we run this one)

wonderful indoor pull with bleachers and air conditioning, half price admission ($4 & $1) for all entries.

 R E S U L T S


25 Nebraska State Fair, State Pedal Pull*, Grand Island NE 8:30AM   10:00AM (we help)

26                   Keg Creek Days, Glenwood IA c*     Noon             12:30PM   Results


Fall Schedule

Date                    Event and city                                                   Registration     Pull Start


2                    Labor Day Weekend, Essex IA c*   C   4:00PM                4:30PM   Results

                      Madsen International, Essex Community Club, Labor Day Committee

                      Southwest Iowa Classic an outstanding pull with great numbers, join us.

8                  Emerson Days, Emerson IA             New                 12:30PM   1:00PM    Results

8               Iowa State Pedal Pull in Marshalltown IA. We do not work this pull, so good luck.

15                Calamity Jane Days, Princeton MO     New               10:30AM    11:00AM  Results

15                Old Fashion Saturday Night, Rock Port MO c             5:00PM     5:30PM  Results

22                  National Pedal Pull Championships, Corn Palace, Mitchell SD  See You there

               You must qualify through a nationally sanctioned State Pedal Pull to go to Nationals.

28           Non-Sanctioned open-by-age pedal pulling, Glenwood IA on Hughes Lot, in celebration of the Glenwood homecoming. We will sign up by age but is not an official pull. Running from around 4PM to 6PM. Sponsored by Hughes, drop by and let the kids gain some experience on our equipment. Children 4-12 is our focus as usual, but situation permitting might be able to exhibit a 13-15 or two. I am currently thinking running up the ages 4-12 and then doing it again time permitting

WOW!! great little pull for Hughes Real Estate and group. Looks like 100 children give or take a few. Great event for kids after the Homecoming Parade in Glenwood. If we did not have to work we could have probably pulled 150. This could really be a great Western Iowa Fall Classic. This little event was not sanctioned, had no awards other than our usual participation ribbons and still was one of the ten biggest pulls in the State of Iowa this year. What if we really tried??




27         Pumpkin Patch, Schwiezer Orchard, St. Joseph MO c*  12:30PM    1:00PM   Results  


Winter Schedule 


3           National Farm Toy Show, Dyersville IA c*  Results and Pics

OPEN Pulling After 10AM-2:30PM  

       Qualifying Pull 10:00AM-We will have special Participation Ribbons for the entire event.

              Sanctioning the rest of day verses qualifying standards set in 10AM pulling.

 1st and 2nd Ribbons during sanctioned 10AM pull.


New dates will not be scheduled from September on automatically because of family needs as girls come through High School. That does not mean we won't pull, but we need to look at each case as to how we handle it.

 Would you like an ad on this website check with us price is adjusted to which page.