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We are still Myers Pedal Tractor Pulls and still a very busy single unit team. All our contracts assume just Ken will be able to make it to the pull. Yet we will try to have the family together when ever possible. This year we have sent out a note to our sponsors (a copy below) letting them know that the luxury of the girls filling in for help is not going to be true in the coming season. They are both in College next year.


All Results are accessed through the schedule page.


We are constructing our schedule and preparing contracts. We are asking for confirmation of your date and time for our Pedal Tractor Pull. We must have 3-4 helpers per sled we use, please think about this because our girls are going to be in college and working, this will not let them cover for the help that has always been part of the contract. Many have not had any issues, yet we must have this, and if you can not, then we can not plan on your event. This is a request of all our sponsors. We will have you return the contract with a $200 non refundable date retainer. The remaining fees are due on our arrival the day of the pull.

We appreciate the association with each of our groups over the years. We simply wish to be as clear as possible about our needs. Please respond with questions or decisions on using us.

Thank you,

Ken Myers
Myers Pedal Tractor Pulls


We have grown to the point we have to be more selective in which pulls we can except. We must have help in scheduling, helpers, and fees on time. We have a proud, though still short history. Doing Pulls from Mott, ND to Columbia MO and from Grand Island NE to Albany IL. We have overcome many obstacles to make this happen. We are proud of our eastern brothers who started and have grown quickly across Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

                                     On the floor at Nationals in our second year 2009

                    Our daughter Kayla Myers winning the 2008 10 year old National Championship

You can find our current schedule on one of the following pages. Please feel free to contact us about a pull and we will see if we can arrange this event for the children of your area. Our email is:





Thanks to the support and sponsorships of many outstanding states, counties, communities, companies, and individuals, we have grown beyond any forecast in the beginning. We have limited our number of pulls by keeping the family together, yet now our girls are becoming more and more in demand in numerous fields, so Willo and I or just me will be covering more pulls. Our health requires the help we ask for and must expect. We simply can not do pulls if help requested is not provided. We will be forced to drop pulls not providing as much help as asked for. We ask for 2-3 persons per sled and 2 additional if 2 lanes are used. So one sled 2-4 helpers, and two sleds 5-6 helpers. There should be a plan for one to help at the table in any case, on the chance I am on my own. Thanks.



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God Bless our Fans for all your prayers!!

Cancers nor diabetes will hold us back from helping children and families. Great things happen when you care about children and families more than who is the biggest or makes real money. The Lord has cared for us so we can help his children through this activity.

The pink tractor in our line up is to support

women's cancer research.

I can hardly wait for someone to say they something about pink being their idea, and just for the record orange is the color of Leukemia. Health care is important, support proper health care for everyone. Until you have $125,000 a year in health cost, for drugs alone, every year and can not buy insurance you don't really understand.


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Myers Pedal Tractor Pulls

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Launched on October 24, 2007

in honor of Gene Myers (Dad)

Born on the 4th of July 1929 - passed Oct. 24th, 2000

and the children of the Midwest